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Frau Doktor concert on Tuesday

, the 19. January 1999 in the Feierwerk Munich, Bavaria, Germany. First I was quite surprised when a friend, who is usually listening only to English punk and to SKAcore, told me about a Geman SKA-band which is really good. I listened to it myself because I couldn't imagine that tis guy likes German SKA. Besides I haven't heard of good German singing SKA bands eighter.
Apart from a fiew songs which are to much about being lovesick the songs of ,,Frau Doktor" are just great. These guys who comc from a region which is between Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz stole for examle the ,,sound of die suburbs" from the Members and changed it very well. I liked especially die song Ska-wars which is a mix out of SKA and Punk. After I read in the Skin-Up(a SKA, Oi! and Punkfanzine) that they are going to play in Munich I went to get a day off in die plan of my shifts.
In the ,,In-München", a free town magazine was written that they played on Monday instead of  Tuesday - on Tuesday there should be a Salsa party- which was just a bit chaotically. In the end I phoned the Feierwerk and the telephone answering maschine said tat the concert takes place on Tnesday.
I was quite surprised that I saw a band with short - or better no- haircut, dressed with these famous Star-Pressed trousers an the stage instead of some hippies or Punks as I suspected.
As it used to be a very nice tradition in die past and which is mostly forgotten, they brought some local specialities as gifts for the natives. They had a füll canister with delicious ,,Eppler" or Äppelwoi(German cider), and ,,Handkäs" which is cheese and onions in vinegar. We where lucky because there wasn't that much chees -or was it bad luck? - but nearly enough cider. The beer in die Feierwerk tastes bad compared to the beer we usually have in Munich, so we had to drink all the cider...

            happens after a fiew pints of cider...

Somebody who drinks beer out of buckets (one liter beer mugs...) doesn't mind trinking cider out of canisters. Of course the cider wasn't enough, so we had to drink some of die horrible beer later on. Despite there where only a fiew people, all of them where in a good mood, which propperly wasn't only because of the cider...???
Some of the remaining people and the rnembers of Frau Doktor kept on chattering and singing songs until early in die morning.
When Max, the trunken trombone player from our local band "BeNuts" criticized that the interplay of die wind ensemble wasn't sophisticated enough, he was shouted and whistled dawn.
One of die members of Frau Doktor told me on die following day that Max ,,lost" all his hair at night. I think his bald head fits hirn very well..
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